Students of SPŠT in Třebíč learn to work with our PLCs

The Třebíč Industrial School is an important center of technical education, which has always emphasized the connection between theory and practice. Due to the offered energetic course, its cooperation with the Dukovany nuclear power plant is important, and thanks to another unique course – Industrial Automation – Domat could also contribute to the development of much-appreciated practice for its students and support PLC teaching, programming and commissioning.

At the end of 2020, we donated IMIO105 controllers to their students. We chose these PLCs because they contain 4 AI, 2 AO, 4DI, 6DO – a combination of all signals so that it is possible to test both measurements and their control. At the same time, they contain an integrated web-server for creating graphics, or Merbon Visual mobile application. They also have another RS485 expansion bus for possible testing of the integration of general Modbus devices.

Although the current situation is not conducive to teaching, we believe that everything will soon return to normal and students will be able to devote themselves not only to our regulators.

We also thank Mr. Šimůnek, a vocational training teacher, for his active approach and our connection. Let’s hope that the situation will allow us to organize, for example, more detailed trainings and other seminars in the future, where we could acquaint students even more with our field and show them the interesting possibilities that measurement and regulation offer.