Sensors and switching sensors

Since 2014, Domat is exclusive distributor of sensors and other components produced by S + S Regeltechnik, Nürnberg, Germany. The most important items in the product range are temperature sensors, namely room sensors, pocket sensors and air duct sensors. They are supplied in length of 100 to 400 mm both with different passive measuring elements, and as active sensors (0…10 V, 4…20 mA output). Globe and semiglobe sensors, which measure also the radiating part, are perfect for applications with radiating panels or infrared panels.

Average temperature sensors, showcase humidity and temperature sensors, and ceiling sensors are designed for special usage. Other room and duct sensors measure relative humidity, CO2 and VOC concentration, and other environmental parameters.  We also supply air pressure sensors with configurable range, air velocity sensors, and water pressure sensors (also differential sensors for pump operation monitoring or distributor pressure control). The sensors offer an LCD display as option. Room units are also available as anti-vandal or with customized prints.

Other frequently used sensors are indoor and outdoor light and presence sensors. Domat also offers communicative sensors (Modbus over RS485), which may save cabling and I/O modules costs thanks to their bus topology. There are also thermostats, humidity and pressure switching sensors, and dew point sensors in the range. Dew point control is an issue at chilled ceilings and panels.

All sensors provide standard electrical interfaces, such as passive temperature measuring elements, 0…10 V and 0(4)…20 mA signals, or dry contacts, and they can be used with any control system. The measuring ranges are ususally set by DIP switches, and they can be adapted to local requirements.

The complete offer of peripheral elements that we are able to supply can also be found on the website of our manufacturer S + S REGELTECHNIK.