PLC = programmable logic controller

PLC is used for process automation – control of systems and measurement and control technologies for buildings, industry and power engineering.

PLC peripherals such as sensors, valves, pumps, etc. are connected to inputs and outputs. Digital inputs (DI) and digital outputs (DO) are used for connection of switches, two-state sensors, feedbacks, etc., analog inputs (AI) and analog outputs (AO) are used for processing analog signals and their connection to the technology.

PLCs can be either compact or modular:

  • The compact system contains in one module CPU (Central Processing Unit), digital and analog inputs/outputs, basic communication support, eventually source, while its extensibility is limited. Eg. IMIO110.
  • The modular system has individual components divided into modules: power supply, CPU, I/O, function modules. This system can be further expanded. Eg. wall series products.

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