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Published: 9/29/2023

Download the Domat VISUAL app

This is a free application for remote access to SoftPLC/MiniPLC/mark… controllers for heating, ventilation, air condition and energy monitoring and control.

With Domat Visual, the control panel of your controller is always at your fingertips. The controllers must be programmed and commissioned, and must be accessible over the Internet or in a local network.

The app uses a LCD menu definition file, which must be uploaded into the mobile device, to bring the process values to your mobile device in the same way you are used to work with locally. Depending on the user rights, it is possible to read / change values, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, light intensity etc. including alarm acknowledging and time schedule setting. Now the menu definition can be downloaded automatically from the PLC: Just enter the PLC address and credentials after the app has been installed.

The application supports more PLCs and can be configured for local access from a LAN as well as remote access from the Internet. The switching between local (default) and remote access (Extern) is fast and simple. The whole application is optionally protected by a password to enhance security.

Get the Domat Visual for iOS and Android: