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Published: 9/26/2023

Discover new possibilities with our PLCs

...special prices for our system partners!

In October and November, we have prepared a unique opportunity for you to work with our latest PLC controllers IMIO110.2 and IMIO105.2 at very attractive prices:

  • IMIO110.2 - EUR 398.4 EUR 348.6
  • IMIO105.2 - EUR 338.4 EUR 308.4

What you can expect:

  • You will test the latest version of Domat Software: Try familiar programming tools and apps IDE, RUNTIME, WEB, PROXY or VISUAL - with new functions in the areas of security, control and programming. All new under the name Domat Software.
  • Powerful controllers IMIO110.2 and IMIO105.2: The new generation of these PLC controllers is designed for demanding apps and is now available at even more attractive prices.
  • Favorable offer for our system partners: We are aware of the importance of cooperation with our business partners. That is why we have prepared for you this event with a unique offer that will give you the chance to get a compact PLC at attractive prices and help you to cope with the work challenges that await us all before the end of the year.
  • Technical support: Our technical experts are available so that you can use the full potential of these controllers in your projects. Do not hesitate to contact them.

How to use this advantageous offer:

  • Add promotion code "IMIO" to your order.

For more details, feel free to contact us at products@domat.cz.

The promotional prices listed are valid from 1 October to 30 November 2023. The prices are without VAT and are no longer subject to Domat's rebate policy.
Thank you for your trust and cooperation,

Domat Control System team