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Published: 5/11/2023


ESCO graduation is a three-day internship for students of CEZ Group's partner secondary schools focused on modern energy, which takes place every two years in the spring.

The goal is to introduce our field to pre-matriculation students, let them see under the hood how things really work in selected subsidiaries, familiarize them with practice and, last but not least, offer opportunities for applying either current or future.

In this year's spring round, in cooperation with ENESA, we presented ourselves to 20 students from five secondary schools in Pardubice. The main topics were EPC projects, energy management and control and automation of intelligent buildings. Our colleagues Karel Vytřísal, Jakub Goga and Jan Vidim prepared for them theoretical lectures from the field as well as a practical opportunity to commision our PLC.

ENESY colleagues took students to their largest EPC project at Prague's Czech Technical University. At the subsequent workshop, students could try to design and calculate energy-saving measures based on real data about their school. They were convinced that savings could be made in a number of objects already now, by means of relatively simple measures with a quick payback, such as lighting modernization, installation of water saving measures and others.

The last day ended with a final test with a selection of questions from the previous days. Patrik Mašín coped best with him, who took home the title of King of the ESCO graduation. Congratulations not only to him, but also to all other students. We firmly believe that this event opened the door to possible collaboration for them, showed them what theory looks like connected to proven practice, and maybe even gave some a hint about where to go after high school.

We thank our colleagues from ČEZ ESCO and ENESA who participated in the entire organization and program, and we look forward to the next years! 😊