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Published: 3/3/2023

2nd generation mark series regulators

As part of the redesign of the MARK series controllers, which was necessary due to the availability of components for production, most of the PLCs of this series were of their 2nd generation.

The change concerned PLCs mark320LX, mark220LX, mark130.2, markMX.2/.3, ICIO205.2, IMIO105.2, IMIO110.2. In addition to extensive modifications on the printed circuit board, we focused on completely new features of these controllers. Mainly the PLC IMIO105.2/IMIO110.2, mark130.2 and ICIO205.2 underwent a fundamental change, where the original processor was replaced with a more powerful one, which enabled the use of the Linux operating system. This leveled the performance of our PLCs to a single, higher level. Another new feature is the dual Ethernet port, which can be useful in cases where you need to connect an HT200 type graphic terminal to the PLC, and at the same time have remote access to the PLC via web or visualization.