SW news
Published: 6/3/2022

New version RcWareSoftPLC IDE/RT

For compatibility of new platforms with i.MX processor (IPLC301, IPLC201. MXPLC-B, IPLC5xx and MXPLC-L) it is necessary to download the development environment RcWareSoftPLC IDE / RT 2022.06.02 (v

Platforms with i.MX can be identified by PN from the label on the device.

iPLC201 7069 and higher
iPLC301 7571 and higher
MXPLC-B 7570 and higher
MXPLC-L 7052 and higher
iPLC500 7070 and higher
iPLC500B 7071 and higher
iPLC510 7837 and higher
iPLC510B 7836 and higher