Buildings and industry
Published: 3/31/2022

Majaland, Prague

Majaland children's amusement park was recently opened in Tuchoměřice, not far from Prague Airport. On an area of over 9000 m2, there are twelve themed attractions, including a roller coaster or a 30 m long slide, a restaurant, a toy store and a theater. It is the largest facility of this type in the country.

The building management system contains eleven switchboards, which control mainly air conditioning, heat and cold source and pool technology. However, there is also measurement of consumption for evaluating the energy parameters of the building. Measurement and regulation are solved by freely programmable substations of the wall series, connected by a technological network, which is connected to the building's intranet. There is a HT200 graphics terminal for local control on three switchboards (LV substation, pool technology room and engine room for heating and cooling), the other switchboards are without local controls and can be accessed from the graphics center.

The heat and cold source is a system of heat pumps, supplemented by 300 kW cooling units. Heating and cooling water is accumulated in two tanks of 1500 l and then further distributed to two heating and two cooling circuits. The regulation of individual rooms is represented in the offices of eleven FCU controllers, which control fans and six-way valves for heating and cooling. Large air handling units (two for the main hall, one for the kitchen) are equipped with their own gas condensing boilers and, of course, recuperation. Other HVAC units deal with ventilation of premises, facilities and offices.

The air handling unit for the main hall is equipped with destratifiers, which are controlled by six CO2 sensors and twelve temperature sensors located in the hall. This guarantees both air exchange and its proper distribution in the entire area intended for visitors.

The graphics center with Merbon SCADA visualization contains over 1200 data points. It is located in the control room of the entire outlet and also allows remote access, which is necessary for ongoing maintenance and service. In such a large building, where the public moves, the emphasis is mainly on safety and comfort. The building management system therefore also serves as a central for collecting signals of technology failures, so it is possible to start troubleshooting before it affects the environmental parameters. These are mainly water levels in swimming pool technologies, the state of backup sources, flooding and the like. The implementation took place in the autumn and winter of 2021 and the entire amusement park was opened on December 27, 2021.