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Published: 9/6/2021

IDEKIT: set for development and running of automation projects

Domat launches a set of tools for automation software development.

Under the name Idekit, you can find software components for the complete chain - from input and output peripherals through programmable PLC functions to writing data to databases and cloud systems. This opens up a unique opportunity for hardware manufacturers to benefit from many years of experience in software development and development environments for PLCs and other embedded devices and to implement Idekit into their devices - whether they are single-purpose machines or freely programmable control systems.

Idekit separates application programs from hardware-specific software, ensuring safe application development and, in particular, efficient commissioning and service. It is these activities that often cause high costs for the development and revitalization of programmable devices, such as wastewater treatment plants, monitoring systems for PV and other energy technologies, compact air handling units etc. Idekit emphasizes remote monitoring, both in the trial phase and when collecting data into open databases (Influx) or systems using Internet of Things protocols (eg MQTT).

In today's world, designers are constantly addressing the availability and cost of each type of processor. Design changes complicate the long-term sustainability of products. Idekit is a tool that facilitates transitions between hardware platforms. It enables their optimization and scaling, while maintaining a unified interface for both application programmers and their users. Extending the product life cycle thus reduces overall costs and saves the work of developers, which is one of the most valuable commodities today.


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E-mail: info@idekit.eu