Other news
Published: 2/24/2021

New videotutorial: Merbon IDE – news version 2.4.0.x

In the next Merbon IDE video tutorial, we have summarized the main news that you will find in the current release.

These are:

  • PLC IMIO110, wPLC750-8101 a wPLC750-8102
  • Communication protocols BACnet server, BACnet client and SSCP serial line
  • Integrated Web server in Merbon IDE with storage of data points in history, alarm reports, alarm log, system log, system web and extended user policy
  • Uploading of the created HT200 definition to the PLC web serve
  • Control of multiple PLCs from one PLC web server
  • New graphic HMI objects Digital Setter ComboBox, Chart, Text Setter and Value Indicator