HW news
Published: 2/17/2021

New: mark130 and HT104

The same, and yet different. These are our two new products from this March, which differ from their previous versions by an improved design and slightly larger dimensions. However, their technical features remain the same, so you can easily replace their predecessors with them.

And what products are they?

The first of them is the DDC controller mark130 – a freely programmable controller with an ARM Cortex M4 processor and OS FreeRTOS and serves as a replacement for mark125. It is suitable for controlling smaller applications or as a terminal for displaying values ​​from other mark process controllers with Merbon runtime. It contains 1x Ethernet port, 1x RS485 interface, 1x RS232 interface and external 8 MB RAM.

HT104 user terminal is an interface for controlling and monitoring DDC mark/wall controllers with the Merbon runtime, which replaces former HT102. It is equipped with an Ethernet interface. It is controlled by six buttons and a backlit LCD display of 4 × 20 characters. Ethernet can be used to communicate with the controllers. The PWR LED is used to indicate power supply and the RUN LED to indicate program run. DIP switch 3 in the ON position at start sets the default IP address and does not start recording the menu configuration, thus enabling service access to the terminal in the event of a damaged menu file (so-called INIT status). Switch 4 in the ON position at startup blocks web and FTP access. This feature can be used for higher network security.