Buildings and industry
Published: 11/24/2017

Galerie Harfa, Praha

Galerie Harfa is with 49 000 m2 the largest shopping center in Prague. It was opened in November 2010 and offers 160 shops on 3 levels.

The main attraction of the center is a terrace roof garden accessible from the food court and restaurants. It offers a large playground for children, ice skating rink, waterworks and multimedia objects. The basement parking lot can host up to 1600 cars. The building is supplied from the municipal district heating network, using its own heat exchange station. For cooling there are 2 Trane chillers to provide cold water with total power supply of 2×1 MW. The electricity supply brings up to 3 MW of power in the peak times, therefore it was necessary to use complex load shedding algorithms. There are 62 air handling units in the building, together with more than 30 smaller AHUs for air exhaust and reheating. There is more than 6300 datapoints (process variables) in the building.