Buildings and industry Case studies
Published: 1/1/2018

City Centrum České Budějovice

In 2008, the building of multifunctional City Center in České Budějovice was completed. In the first floor visitors find a shopping mall with a café, and in the first floor there is a service center: bowling, fitness, sauna, massage, and rehab studio together with fast food, a sportbar, and a VIP restaurant. These facilities have a pass-through to the winter stadium.

There are 320 office rooms in the building, facilitating radiators and cooling panels with central supply of pretreated air.

The building management system integrates all important technical systems of the building – HVAC, security, fire safety, fire dampers, AHU units in the server rooms, and integrated room controls. Meter readouts are important for effective operation of the plant: the system reads data from more than a hundred meters of power, water, heat, and cooling energy. Some of the readouts are automatically sent by e-mails to the utility suppliers.

The BMS also controls lights in public areas, and commercial outdoor lights. Most of the datapoints is stored as trend data for analysis and optimization. The alarm system indicates system failures long before they influence the indoor comfort.