Case studies
Published: 8/2/2017

Billa HQ Modletice

Not far from the southern border of Prague there is headquarters of the Billa supermarket chain: a large plant with office and storage facilities.

The building management system control not only the central plant in Modletice, but also the branch stores which are connected by intranet. The virtual technological network links the BMS with touch screen process stations and interfaces for data acquisition from commercial refrigeration.

At the main plant, there is SCADA for AHUs for public rooms, LON integration of split units in offices, and OPC integration of Honeywell controllers of the old boiler house. Data from different systems is presented in a common environment with web access, and authorised persons are allowed to access the SCADA graphics from any of the workstations in the intranet.

The control system at both the new and refurbished branch stores controls heat source (boiler house or heat exchange station), heating circuits, AHUs for sales area and preparation rooms, and lights. Touch screens provide comfortable local HMI while remote access connects the controllers to the HQ SCADA, where alarms and trends are recorded. This provides an excellent platform for energy performance benchmarking.

The commercial refrigeration data is transferred to the SCADA and trended in a database. The Billa quality managers can therefore easily create HACCP protocols to prove that the goods is stored under requested conditions.