International projects
Published: 10/18/2017

Shopping center Dalma, Yerevan, Armenia

The shopping center Dalma Garden Mall is the first object of this type in Armenia and hosts bank offices, a cinema, many restaurants and cafes, a supermarket, DIY shop and other shops and services.

The total area is 43 500 m2 on two floors. In the boiler room there are three gas boilers 1.4 MW each, with total nominal power of 4.2 MW distributed into four circuits: about 600 kW for DHW heating, and 3.8 MW for  AHUs and two circuits of 2-pipe fancoils. The control system of the boiler room contains about 150 physical data points and partly exceeds even the European standards: the investor, for example, required analogue differential pressure sensors at the circulation pumps as operation feedback.