International projects
Published: 10/1/2017

Main Railway Station Building, The Hague, The Netherlands

A multi-functional building, 60 meter high, was built in 1970 to 1973. It has 15 floors hosting offices, shops, and restaurants, with floors 1 and 2 merging with the railway station hall. After 38 years of operation, the building was reconstructed in 2011.

The main reason for this was high energy consumption: the original energy efficiency of the building was classified as G. The rooms were heated by heat exchangers situated under the windows, where the old controllers were replaced by Domat integrated room controllers. Thanks to the open protocol, Modbus RTU over RS485, it was no problem to integrate the room controllers to the building control and management system (supplied by Priva). There is a total of 693 controllers in the building, installed in floors 2 to 13. The result of the energy-saving measures is classification of the building efficiency as D+.