Buildings and industry
Published: 11/4/2019

F. X. Šalda Theatre, Liberec

The F. X. Šalda Theater in Liberec has been standing since 1883. In 2019 it was reconstructed, and the technology of the building was also realized. The theater now has 27 air-conditioning units and 14 heating circuits.

The Liberec heating plant serves as a heat source, which supplies heat to the building through the heat exchanger station thanks to the central heat supply system. It is a steam/water transfer station, the total reserved power for the whole theater building is 540 kW. The distribution of thermal energy into the theater interior can be divided into radiators and hot-air heating. The system has a total of 14 heating branches, of which 8 branches are for radiators, 5 branches are for HVAC equipment and one branch for parapet fancoil units in the entrance hall and foyer area.

Hot-air heating was left in the theater auditorium and bar on the 3rd floor. Newly it was designed for the theater stage, entrance areas and foyers and side representative staircases, where this principle was restored in the spirit of historical design from the time of the foundation of the theater. On the other hand, the radiators are mainly used in the facilities of employees and performers of the theater, in toilets and in side corridors and staircases. Part of the body is cast iron, in retro design.

The source of cold is the outdoor condensing unit in the English backyard at the southwest facade of the theater building. The outdoor unit is connected to three indoor units with which it is connected via refrigerant piping. The required output of the cooling source is 36 kW, it is a so-called multi split system. The theater auditorium will be cooled by means of a water cooler (adiabatic cooling), which is part of two air-conditioning units in the basement of the theater building.

The building management system with automation stations and modules was supplied on a turnkey basis by the Liberec-based Warmnis company, with which Domat has been working for a long time. In four racks, there are four markMX automation stations and additional I/O modules, representing over 1,000 data points in the Merbon SCADA graphics.

On Tuesday, October 15, 2019, the building was handed over and on Saturday, November 4, the theater was ceremonially reopened after a nearly six-month reconstruction with the soloist gala concert and the orchestra of the opera of the Salda Theater.