From intern to employee: interview with our colleague Ondra S.

Internships are nowadays an integral part of student life. In electrical engineering and IT, this is doubly true. Students will kill more birds with one stone: they will get to know the work environment and gain valuable experience that will be useful not only in their CV, they will establish contacts with people from the field, they will often solve compulsory practices, and they will earn some money.

In our company, many collaborations began in this way, during which the interns gradually became our internal employees, who, thanks to the acquired knowledge, more easily fit into the normal work process.

In order to show you a little about what such cooperation can look like, we interviewed our colleague Ondra, who started as an intern in the Development and Technical Support department. Now, he works in the same department as a software developer.

What university did you study at, in which year did you start an internship at Domat, and why our company?

I studied Process Control at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, University of Pardubice. I started my internship in the first year of follow-up studies to gain practical experience in my field.

Where did you come across the internship offer?

I came across an internship offer on the Domat website.

What did your job look like from the beginning - did you "jump" right into the process and have the opportunity to participate in projects that broadened your horizons? You drew from previous experience from school, or previous work, or did you have to start learning everything from the beginning?

In the first steps of the internship, I got acquainted with the system that Domat is developing in the form of individual trainings. Subsequently, I trained in software testing and gradually began to penetrate real projects. From school experience, I used mainly practical experience in MATLAB & SIMULINK software.

Was it difficult to combine school and work?

My supervisor has always been helpful to me in combination with my studies. For example, during the exam period I was given time off to study.

How long have you been in Domat as an intern before moving to full time?

 was on the internship for almost two and a half years (from February 2016 to June 2018).

Would you say something to the applicants about our internship with us?

An internship at Domat is a great opportunity to gain work experience during your studies and join a great team.