Fancoil controllers

Fan coils and variable air volume controllers (VAV) are technologies widely used in individual room controls.


FCR010 with room unit UC010 controls a three-stage fan coil motor. The controller features three relays, two triac outputs for heating and cooling thermic valve actuators and two inputs for presence signal and window contact. It can be installed directly at the fancoil housing using two screws or a piece of DIN rail. The controller uses RS485 bus for communication with the room unit. The FCR011 is powered by 230 V AC and controls 230 V thermic actuators, so it is suitable especially for refurbishments of old analogue systems.

FCR013 with room unit UC013 controls EC (electronically commuted) motors with control signal of 0…10 V. It also contains analogue outputs for heating and cooling valves, and two inputs for presence signal and window contact.

FCR015 with room unit UC905 is used to control air volume in VAV controllers according to CO2 concentration in the room. Temperature is controlled by 0…10 V or 24 V PWM outputs used for heating and cooling valves. Its analogue outputs may be controlled by more control sequences at a time, which allows the device to be used for combined systems, such as VAV and DID, or VAV, DID and radiator / convector heating.

All FCR… controllers can be installed on a DIN rail or on a flat surface using attached mounting spots. They communicate over RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol and contain real time clock with weekly scheduler. They are configured by ModComTool, a free program. Due to open communication they are easy to be integrated into control or SCADA systems both directly, and over a Modbus router (e.g. Domat R035). The controllers can be configured as master / slave, with one room unit connected to several controllers operating in a single zone.