These files include examples of SoftPLC projects from simple room controller integration to complete ventilation and heating control software for the entire building. Projects are intentionally simplified to see the basic principles of working with blocks. Some more complicated functions have been omitted for clarity.

  • Test UI - integration of room controller UI011, reading and writing values using Modbus variables
  • Test UC - integration of the UC100 radiator controller, central setting of the operating mode
  • Test FC - integration of the FC100 fan coil controller, setting the operating mode
  • Test SMS - example of alarm setting, sending an alarm message via GSM modem
  • Boilers - example of a cascade of three boilers with automatic switching and tripping
  • Pavex - air conditioning with gas heating and air pressure control in clean rooms
  • Petrská - simple regulation of boiler room, DHW, equithermal branches and air conditioning