Advanced Merbon IDE training

Date of the event
31. 3. 2022 11:00 (11:00 - 18:00)

This training is marked as a follow-up training for the basic Merbon IDE training. Participants need to complete the basic prerequisite training prior to enrolling in this advanced training.

Training program:

  • Wall – introduction of hardwarem, comparison with mark
  • BACnet UDP - client, server, properties, basics of the protocol
  • Modbus - creation of own prototypes and communication with foreign devices, Modbus server TCP/RTU
  • M-Bus - detection, how it works, tips and tricks
  • SSCP - PLC interconnection, data source, restrictions
  • GSM and e-mails - how to send, limits, other solutions
  • HMI - templates, text template in graphic, user policy
  • ST programming - why and when to use it, a simple block
  • Questions and final discussion


Please enroll at skoleni@domat.cz.