Domat WEB

The embedded web server shows web pages created in the HMI Editor, which is now integrated in the Domat IDE.

Commissioning and remote management are now as easy as never before – just use your web browser to completely control the PLC. In the new web server version there are more functions for alarm processing, trending and diagnostics.

Graphic panels

The pages are uploaded to the PLC. They consist of graphic panels with texts, images, buttons, embedded graphs, values, and other objects. As a backgroung, a technology schema, floor plan, or any other image may be used. Object transparency can be defined as well. The resolution is definable, so one of the predefined screen sizes or custom definition can be selected. As all data are stored in vector format, the graphics has uniform look even at clients with different screen resolution. The used standard, HTML 5, is supported by all current browsers.

Enhanced user policy

More users can be defined with different access rights (at Linux-based servers only).

Support of connection to more PLCs

Get overview of your entire building or heat exchange network in your web browser (at Linux-based servers only).

Service web for basic network setup

Generic web pages for setting of IP address and other network properties – excellent for preprogrammed PLCs with customized application.


There is a list of active alarms and alarm log Generic alarms overview and alarm history help to more precise problem diagnosis (at Linux-based servers only). Alarm summary – overview of alarms with corresponding user rights Fast and simple check of current alarms (at Linux-based servers only).


Sampling of online values in time, at Linux-based servers also reading of buffered history from a PLC.

System log

List of PLC system events for easy system diagnostics (at Linux-based servers only). To access more PLCs over one web server use Domat Web Server for OS Windows with FastCGI server configuration and connection to more PLCs. This topology is suitable for sites where simple and fast view on current values is required. Use SCADA for functions like long-time trending, event logging and advanced alarm system.


This project can be used as visual and functional example of project in Domat WEB.