Domat Runtime

Domat Runtime is a licence for a software which is able to process compiled Domat projects.

It can be run on a Linux or Windows-based platform, e.g. a server PC or a small embedded device. The runtime has no software limitation regarding data points, communication channels etc., the limits are given by the hardware resources of the platform. Domat Runtime is part of all Domat PLCs, the runtime needs no extra licensing on Domat hardware. Domat IDE now supports Modbus RTU and TCP communication, both client and server implementation. M-Bus and IEC 62056-21 for energy metering are also available. Communication between process stations (peer to peer) and with SoftPLC controllers is also possible. Data exchange over internal SSCP protocol, support of both Ethernet and serial line. Integration into 3rd party clients through native BACnet/IP server or external OPC UA/DCOM server.


  • data acquisition and processing systems;
  • 3rd party integration, such as meter or communicative sensors integration;
  • customized development of PLCs.

We also offer porting of Domat Runtime to your hardware platform. Save development time and use the Domat resources in your control system!