Both chip shortages and cybersecurity are a challenge

ČEZ ESCO bought Domat Control System with the aim of having its own competence in the field of technological digitization with know-how in the field of measurement and regulation. Expectations were fulfilled. In the past years, Domat managed to fulfill the business plan and deliver results, both in the context of numbers and non-financial indicators, and it also played an important role in important projects of the ČEZ ESCO group. We talked to Tomáš Chadim, our sales director, about cooperation in the group and the challenges of last year and the current year.

What have four years in the ČEZ ESCO group brought to Domat?
In four years of operation, the company has doubled its turnover, and cooperation with other subsidiaries and the parent ČEZ ESCO contributed to this to a large extent. I would like to thank you for all the opportunities we can enjoy. Our product sales, the supply of complete turnkey solutions and the portfolio of services we offer are still growing. We are ranked 1st to 2nd in the industry. We are intensively developing services for the operation of technological IT solutions in the area of measurement and regulation. Despite the difficult situation in the chip market, we manage to maintain and develop our product portfolio and timely deliveries. This is also why we are successful in acquiring customers from other, even multinational, manufacturers. I am very pleased that Domat succeeds in implementing the many-mentioned synergies within the group, both internally and when providing services to external customers.

You are a subcontractor of the measurement and regulation system for ENESU. How is cooperation with other companies?
In this area, we also cooperate with ČEZ Energetický služba, including LDS, Kart, AZ Klima and AirPlus. We supply a monitoring system for photovoltaics, the operation of which is taken care of by colleagues from the Green Energy cluster. So far, the largest technological digitization project was the management system for power balance services delivered for ČEZ Energo. Together with our partners, we completely replaced and upgraded the entire control system of cogeneration units. We also cooperate across the ČEZ Group, where we supply our measurement and regulation systems for the company Martia, which uses them within the framework of its orders, for example for ČEZ Teplárenská. In the future, we would also like to apply our solutions within the framework of ČEZ Renewable Energy projects.

How was the past year for Domat?
Last year's theme, as well as this year's, is cyber security and the operation of technological systems and solutions in the context of the Cyber Security Act. For ČEZ Energo, according to the law, we are the operator of the basic service information system and a significant supplier, to which we had to adapt very quickly in terms of process, personnel and technology. Demand for energy-saving solutions grew last year, which had a positive impact on our product and system sales. We managed to deal with the shortage of chips in the market, for which we were technologically prepared thanks to a good business strategy and our development department. We have redesigned our products to do without hard-to-find components. And it was a challenging year for our technical department, which takes care of project implementation. Not only were there more of them and in greater volume, the pervasive inflation was also a significant aspect. Even so, the colleagues managed to implement the plan.

What major projects are you currently working on?
It is, for example, the Pardubická Hospital, the Homolce Hospital, the Thomayer Hospital, the revitalization of Smíchovské nádraží, where we supply measurement and regulation systems. We operate software and infrastructure for managing the portfolio of ČEZ Energo cogeneration units.

What is in store for Domat this year?
One of the main topics this year will be cyber and information security. We will be modifying our products and customer service to meet the requirements of future legislation. The second key topic for this year is the stabilization of society. We have grown rapidly in recent years and now we want to focus on streamlining our internal process settings with regard to the number of orders as well as the already mentioned cyber security.