Merbon Contport for buildings

Efficient building management implies (besides other requirements) a controlled reduction in energy consumption. If we want to have control over consumed energies, we have to:

  • measure it continuously,
  • evaluate the measured values,
  • based on the derived parameters, identify weak links,
  • and propose energy-saving measures.

The last two services are provided by the energy technician or a company which supplies energy management (sometimes together with building management). Measuring and evaluation may be part of the building control system. However, in the vast majority of cases the building control system – that is, the measuring and control system – only transfers data to SCADA and records data history. The control system does not process the data any further.

In order to evaluate consumptions and perform branch benchmarking, so-called derived parameters are used, such as energy consumption per square meter of floor area, or degree days. For example, in hotels these parameters represent the consumption of energy for one overnight stay, etc. To do so, we must know other variables and constant values, for example, the number of hotel guests, the floor area of the building or the level of office occupancy. These values are used in calculations which help us to establish whether operation of the relevant building is efficient in comparison with other buildings or accepted standards.

ContPort is a cloud service which collects data from control systems produced by different manufacturers, modifies them and works with them based on the requirements of the energy technician or facility manager. In addition to data processing, Contport is also able to manage error reporting/messaging and tasks (ticketing), including the assignment of service costs to individual technologies or to their parts. This enables users to get a clear idea of all operational expenses – energies and services – in one overview. Thanks to this feature, Contport is able to evaluate whether continuous repairs of the relevant technology would be economically viable or whether it would be better to let the old technology last out and replace it with a new one at the expense of temporary higher energy consumption. Contport also offers predefined and customer reports generated manually at specific time intervals or automatically during regular periods. The technologies offer the option of storing catalogue sheets, floor layouts and other information which helps service technicians remove problems quickly and efficiently. Predefined regular events notify about the end of validity of revision reports and provide dashboards offering a quick overview of current and historical data.

Thanks to Contport, facility managers and energy technicians always have operational cost data ready at hand.