Merbon Contport

Contport is a management tool which helps with introduction and long-term operation of energy management in your company.

It is a comprehensive cloud application available over the web from any device. Thanks to Contport, corporate targets can be checked, energy consumption monitored, and reports received on a regular basis. The tool provides wide functionality for data analysis and processing, and reporting – customized visualisation. The service module gives control both of service subcontractors and the internal team who takes care of plant management. Contport is also used as a data bank of information on managed properties and technologies, and data storage for documents, such as audit reports, manuals, and images.

The service module (helpdesk) and maintenance offer comprehensive archiving of both technical and sales documentation and workflow of warranty, post-warranty, and predictive servicing and maintenance. The module contains a ticketing system for subcontractors and internal employees. There are all relevant documents stored in the system necessary for safe and economical operation of technologies and buildings: project documentation, service and operation agreements, safety audit reports, etc. The workflow of a service event starts with reporting of a problem – either manual over a web interface, or automatic, generated by an alarm from the control and monitoring system. The service event is then processed, closed and invoiced. Preventive maintenance is planned in advance and service events are generated automatically.
The on-line data acquisition module collects data from technologies either directly from PLCs and I/O modules, external databases, or from energy meters. It uses rich company know-how in 3rd party integration and communication using serial protocols (M-Bus, Modbus, IEC 62056-21) and APIs. The values are displayed on the portal and saved in a database. Users then have access to the entire history, anytime. Data also can be entered and edited manually, e.g. for manual energy readouts.

These data show how efficient the plant operation is: consumption of plants and plant parts, environmental values (outside temperature, solar irradiation, wind speed etc.), process and comfort values (temperatures, flows…), and energy consumptions (electricity, gas, heat, water). Values are presented on a management level in dashboards and lonterm planning tools. Key performance indicators can be specified and monitored by Contport as well. Dashboards can be compiled into screens and monitored on a daily basis. The KPIs are presented as graphs, carpet plots, semaphores, tables, colour indicators, and other graphic elements.

The module for reporting and economical evaluation works with data acquired in the previous modules or imported from other resources (such as automatic import of meteo data from the Internet or .csv files). Various report types can be defined, from the simple ones, like operation costs of a plant for a particular time period, to more complex benchmarking of similar plants in different locations, related to specific units (m2, kWp, years). Reports may be sent to the recipients automatically by e-mail.

Thanks to these functions, data from old and difficult to maintain Excel tables can be imported into the system and controlled from any device.

Contport is hosted in data centers with availability of 99.9 % and data backup at two locations. Its application core is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with application layer and web portal on the top. User interface is available in several languages, and users can switch between them.

Contport was designed for service and facility management companies and for investors managing different technologies – in general, for users who need to have a comprehensive overview of costs and efficiency. Service companies mostly use the application part, while their subcontractors access the system using the Contport web portal.

The connection to Contport is encrypted and data access is limited according to user access policies. Your data and functionalities are safely preserved from unauthorised access.


Thanks to Contport, facility managers and energy technicians always have operational cost data ready at hand.


Thanks to the integration of meters and current values, investors and technology  managers  always  have a comprehensive overview of the status of the monitored technology.